The Dragon

 Drugs.  They effect you in one way in life.  Whether you are the one addicted or you are the family member/friend to the addict.  I have been the family member/friend of an addict.  Heroine to be exact.  What drives people to stick a needle in their arm is beyond me.  How do you get to the point where you think “Hey I can not get high enough so let me stick this needle in my vein push toxins into my body and hope that I do not die.” Just so they can catch the high.  It is the evil dragon they are trying to chase.

I have never been an addict so I will never understand the reasoning.  I do have my greatest sympathy for anyone that is suffering addiction.  That being said I believe that you are selfish.  You have a problem and you need to address it.  Instead, you selfishly stick a needle in your arm, smoke out of a pipe, snort it up your nose, or whatever way you can see fit to get high.  I believe now people are sticking things in there private parts in order to get a buzz?  Does it ever occur to you the people that you hurt?  The people that love and care about you?  The people that will be saddened if you leave this earth?  You can say “of course I do.  Just because I do the things I do does not mean that I do not care about my family/friends” however you steal from them, distance yourself from them, or say extremely hateful things. That does not seem like caring to me.

Then you have America.  We enable the addict.  We will give them clean needles, have narcan on hand if they overdose (however someone has to pay 1,00 for an epipen… that is ludicrous) or let them have a place to stay if they are homeless.  America does not need to enable them, we need to help them. We need to provide them with proper therapy for a year.   They need a year in rehab  Yes, they will always be an addict, but a year in rehab will hopefully give them the tools they need to survive in this crazy world.  America needs to stop paying for illegals and help the addicts.  Can you imagine how many people would be able to stay sober because they received proper treatment for a whole year?

Now what if the addict happens the relapse?  Then I say Bye Felicia.  You receive no financial help from the government, you receive no medical attention if you overdose, you receive nothing. It may seem harsh, however we gave you the tools that you needed to help yourself and you still choose to use.  We need to stop enabling the addicts.  Addicts need some tough love.  They need a smack in the face.  


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