Whose your daddy

So unless you have been living under a rock or do not care then you know by now that Kail Lowry is pregnant with her third child.  I was going to write this post when it first came out, however you know shit happens and I am just now getting around to writing it.  I do not really have an opinion on the situation.  With that being said, if I were just taking into account of what I see on TV or read on the internet I would have to say that I am team Javi.  As I know that there are two sides to every story and that you can not believe everything that you read on the internet or see on TV, it is the only thing that I have to go by.  I do not know these people personally do I do not know what all went down.  All the same, it was publicized as Kail cheated on Javi before the divorce was finalized.  According to Kail it was known that they could see other people even though the divorce was not finalized.  (Anyone think of season 3 Ross when they read this. )

We were on a break

No matter if you were on a break or if you had a “mutual agreement” thing is you got pregnant by another guy, who as of now (unless it has changed) you are not with nor married to.

Now I am getting to the point of this post.  While trolling the fight between Kail vs. Javi (sometimes vs. Jenelle vs. Peach) (And yes I was trolling the fight.  Teen mom 2 is one of my guilty little pleasures so back off.  Plus if you did not troll it you missed out as it was UBER HILARIOUS .  It kept me entertained for days)  But, I am getting off track.  So I was trolling the fight on twitter when I came across this comment “It is 2017 you do not have to be married to have children and you can have more than one baby daddy.” 

say what

What are we teaching our children that they think it is appropriate to finish school, get married, get a house, and then have a child?  Since when did it become acceptable for girls to just get pregnant try to make it work with the dad, when they hit their first hiccup in the relationship they give up, move on to the next guy and then have a child with him, so on and so forth.  Why is this becoming acceptable in 2017?  I do not blame teen mom or teen mom 2.  According to them teen pregnancies are down.  All the same, before I had my son, I stated that if he got a girl pregnant we were applying for 16 and pregnant with the hopes that they would pick it up for a reality series.  Wrong?  Yes.  Naive? Absolutely. But, again this is how a young mind works.  You see that they are making oodles of money, on magazines, get things paid for them, and you think “hey maybe if I get pregnant I can audition for the show and then maybe they will pick me up for a series.” 

Back to my point.  Is it not the dream anymore to find your soul mate?  Or is the dream to find someone at the right now?  Now granted I did not do everything in order. In the most part I did.  I finished high school, graduated college, and got a job.  I then got pregnant (by a man who I had been with for 6 years) and bought a house.  Have we struggled in our relationship?  Of course we have.  Have we had our bad days sometimes weeks?  Fuck yes.  But, we pick up the pieces realize that we are madly in love with each other and work through our problems.  

Now not every relationship can not be saved.  If you give it your best effort and at the end of the day things are still not working out.  Please divorce.  It is not healthy for yourself or your partner.  You are not doing anyone any good being in a toxic relationship.  Nevertheless, if you find yourself pregnant while your divorce is not even cold yet, you’s a ho.  You should not be trying to get pregnant no matter what “health problems”  you may have.  I have cyst on my ovaries, a tilted uterus, and in my 30’s.  You do not see me going to my HUSBAND trying to put a baby in me because I may not be able to in the next couple of years.  If you are meant to have a child then no matter what the circumstances are you will have that child.  

So what is happening to our youth (not all youth)?  Why are you all thinking that a baby is the answer?  Why are you all getting pregnant at such a young age.  Did you not know what prevents babies?  Are you too embarrassed to ask the guy if he has a condom, go buy condoms, or get on birth control?  If you are too embarrassed to do any of those things then you should not be having sex.  (Listen to me I sound like an old lady.  I would roll my eyes at me if I was their age.  But, listen to someone from experience who started having sex at 16.  I know a few things)  If you are too stupid to learn the in’s and out’s of how your birth control works (that it takes a moth for it to start working, it is ineffective if you have to use antibiotics, if you change to another birth control it will take a month for it to go into effect.) if you do not know any of these things or are refusing to learn them, then you are too young to be having sex.  

Now, if you do all your research and know the in’s and out’s of everything there is to know about sex, have the right partner (ideally someone who you have been dating for at least a year for you young people) and still wind up pregnant.  Then shit happens.  I am sure that you all will try your best to make it work, but 48% of people married before the age 18 are likely to divorce within 10 years.

Getting side tracked.  Guess the adderall is wearing off.  I guess that would be a good thing since it is 12:30 and I have to get up in 5 hours. 

I am just going to conclude this post.  With these final words.  Do not spread your legs for just anyone.  Get to know the person.  Date the person.  Hell even marry the person (just not after dating for 3 months or some crazy shit like that) Do not just decide to have a baby with someone.  Do it the right way.  I do not care if it is 2017 or 2208.  It is trashy to have 3 different kids by 3 different baby daddies.  2 I will get.  3. Girl you are just a ho.  Strive to have 1 baby daddy.  It makes life a lot easier.


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